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High quality and hot sale pre-potting crystal silicon junction box PV-BN082TA-1

Short Description:

This solar junction box adopts Pre Potting-glue waterproof, the cover of junction box  is  waterproof by sealing ring,which simplifies the customer’s production technique.

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This solar junction box adopts Pre Potting-glue waterproof, the cover of junction box  is  waterproof by sealing ring,which simplifies the customer’s production technique.The product is certified by TUV.The junction box can reduce PV module’s power consumption and improve electrical reliability.

Technical data

Rated voltage 1500V Flame Class UL94-V0 (TUV)/5VA(UL)
Rated current 15A Cable Specifications 4mm2
 Operating temperature -40°C-+85°C(TUV)/-40°C-+90°C(UL)  Waterproof Structure  Seal ring
Safety class Class II  Waterproof rating IP67
 Application level Class A Potting Glue quantity  
 Maximum bus bar width 8mm  Busbar connect ion Soldering
 Insulation Material PPE  Contact Material Copper,Tin-Plated   ,

Product Configuration List

 Diode Rated Voltage 15A
 Diode Type SB3045
 Diode Qty 3
PV-BN082TA-1 (2)


Unshielded solar panels for thin film batteries to improve solar energy


● PV module’s ribbon alignment must be complied with JB’s mounting hole of the terminal base.

● Adhesive and sealing compound, Potting glue must be applied by using specific type and specification. Make sure JB will be fixed in the correct position and reliable sealant. The potting glue level should be over the top surface of Diodes and terminal base. In order to avoid electrical shock risk.

● Don’t move PV module or JB before adhesive and sealing compound or potting glue solidify.

● Ensure soldering between Ribbons and terminal reliably in order to avoid missing soldering or false soldering. The soldering operators must be professionally trained. More soldering time will cause the diodes damaged.

● Adopt anti-static protection solutions when touch or solder JB.

● Make sure the connection method between JB and PV module in the correct polarity. Otherwise, Wrong connection will cause fire.

● PV module manufacturer should inspect the diodes of JBs before shipment since the diodes might be damaged by heat temperature or the static shock.

● Installation or maintenance should be operated by the professional personnel.

● For protection against electric shock, while being assembled or disassembled, make sure connectors isolated from the power supply.

● Don’t connected or disconnected under load.

● During the assembly process, keep the connector away from any corrosive materials.

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1.Gently holding and releasing in transportion, no damage to product.
2.When installing the junction box, making sure the solar panel is not working and you can’t touch the plus and minus rails at the same time avoiding an electronic shock and diode disruption.
3.Do not connect the plus and the minus together of the same junction box at any time.
4.Do not insert and withdrawal the plus and minus connector frequently except repairs ecause the sealing performance will be cut down.
6.When installation, evenly smear the silica adhesive on the base of the junction box in order to prevent leakage.
7.Keep the rubber clean and no adhesive when assembly, or it affect the efficiency of the panel.
8.Keep paraffin away from PV junction box and connector, such as, oil,ubricant,electric revival,and other paraffin substance



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