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Analysis of solar photovoltaic junction box

As an important component of the solar cell module, the solar photovoltaic junction box is a connector between the solar cell array composed of solar cell modules and the solar cell charging control device. It is a cross field comprehensive design integrating electrical design, mechanical design and material science, and provides users with a combined connection scheme of solar panels.

As a connector of the solar cell module, the main function of the solar photovoltaic junction box is to export the electrical energy generated by the solar cell module through the cable. Due to the particularity of the use of solar cells and their high value, the solar photovoltaic junction box must be specially designed to meet the use requirements of solar cell modules.





The PV junction box mainly has two functions: the basic function is to connect the PV module and the load, lead the current generated by the module and generate power. The additional function is to protect the outgoing line of components and prevent hot spot effect.

1. Connection

As a connector, the junction box acts as a bridge to connect the solar modules, inverters and other control devices. In the junction box, the current generated by the solar module is led out and introduced into the electrical equipment through the terminal blocks and connectors.

In order to minimize the power loss of the junction box to the components, the conductive materials used in the junction box shall have a small resistance and a small contact resistance with the outgoing line of the bus strip.

2. Protection

The protection function of the junction box includes three parts: one is to prevent the hot spot effect through the bypass diode to protect the battery chip and components; The second is waterproof and fireproof design through sealing with special materials; The third is to reduce the working temperature of the junction box and the temperature of the bypass diode through special heat dissipation design, thereby reducing the power loss of the module caused by its leakage current.

Post time: Aug-20-2022